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       Hebei Huike Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is located in Xiwang New District of Mengcun Hui Autonomous County Cangzhou Hebei, which is called "the capital of bend pipe of China", is scenic. It’s also a Birth place of creative minds and gifted talents. Its north abuts Beijing and Tianjin, east abuts Binhai new area and Huanghua ports, Beijing-Shanghai Railway, Beijing-Fuzhou, Shi Huang high-speed, national highway No.104 and 307 run through it. The geographic location is favorable. Its sea and highway transportation also is convenient.
          Huike is a joint venture company invested in 2007 by Huike Investment (Hong Kong)Co., Ltd. and Cangzhou Shengyue Tube Co., Ltd. It is completed to put into production in 2008, total investment of 940 million Yuan, and covers an area of ......